Sunday, August 25, 2013

Busy bee.

I've been really busy lately. It's only today that I realized I haven't written anything on this blog for so long! Let me fill you in, quickly, on what's been occupying my days...

- School work: at the end of my studies, I had one more paper to complete this Summer. It's all over since a couple of days, and I'm anxiously awaiting my result! Two diplomas in one year; it's been very busy, but all worth it of course.

- Related to finishing my studies: looking for a job! I've only applied to a few so far, because I want to try and find something that I really want to do, and can be passionate about every day. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but you can't blame me for trying (at least at first)!

- Planning our wedding! People always say planning your own wedding is a hell of a lot of work, but you always think "Oh, I'll manage, I have some spare time anyway". And I do have time, that's not the problem, but last week suddenly things went wrong, and I was not prepared for that. A change of venue because of a double booking, a whole lot of stress, but things worked out in the end. I was even surprised by how quickly we (myself, my family, and my husband-to-be) had fixed everything. So most things have been decided on by now, but there's still a few tiny details to get in order. Guess it will keep me busy for a little while longer!

- Cycling: one of my "new" hobbies. This Summer, my best friend and I have been going on a lot of random cycling trips, without a destination, just riding around. We've discovered there's a lot of our neighbourhood that we didn't know about, with lovely Narnia-like countrysides where we can get lost for hours (no joke, we rode around for more than three hours yesterday evening because we had no clue where we were. Got home safely though, no worries there, but I was completely exhausted). Tiny spontaneous adventures like these are the best!

- I've also been thinking about setting up a small shop on Etsy. I have been crafting so much lately (wedding invitations, cosplay stuff, and more) and it's something I really love doing. I'm just not sure what kind of things to put in the shop exactly... So while I brainstorm about that, I just keep on crafting some more. I'm not cut out to be a designer or anything, it will always stay a hobby for me, but it's one of the loveliest pastimes for sure. So why not do something more with it?

So there you have it! A summary of my life the past few months, and probably the next month to come as well. I do hope to find a job soon; something that will make me happy doing it every day. But if that doesn't work out for some reason, I'll always have my crafting to make me happy.
You can expect some more crafting updates soon-ish, because I'll be looking for some feedback. Until then, go and have some adventures of your own!