Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time to get passionate!

It's that time again... end of thesis and start of exams time. My most creative time of the year, for some reason. And this time I realized... I don't really have something I'm crazy passionate about. There are tons of things that excite me and that I like doing, but nothing that awakes true, irrevocable passion inside me. And I firmly believe that everyone needs a passion!

So, time to get passionate. But about what? I decided to make a list with things that excite me, that I can talk about for hours, and that I spend my free time researching.

- Dancing
- Writing fantasy (and other) stories
- Photography
- Crafting in themes (usually fairy-like fantasy, or steampunk)
- And maybe something else I'll encounter along the way

After my exams - which is in eleven days, scary! - I will try them all out for a long time over a few days, and at the end I will see which one has intrigued me the most, and that's hard to not think about.
What do you think? Could this be a good way to find my passion, or not?