Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tiny hats!

I made a tiny top hat today, to go with my outfit Saturday. I'm going to Emporium Vernesque, a big steampunk event in the Netherlands, together with some friends.

I didn't have much time to make something, so I just went and bought an existing tiny hat and altered it.

Here's what they looked like before. The red one had the same decorations as the white one, except with an ugly red and black flower. I've cut it off as neatly as I could.

And this is the red one finished:

It's not that fancy or anything, but my outfit is pretty simple as well, so they'll go together nicely.


  1. Mhiii veel beter!
    En kheb die hoedjes ook, maar ben aant denken om ze ook te bewerken of gewoon weg te doen.

  2. Cutest ever! I love the simplicity of the bead on top of the red one. :D

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm very pleased with it as well. :D